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Professional Photographer

BA Broadcast Media Hons. Bath Spa University 2011

Videographer and Cinematographer
Production Service by PJP

We are a Professional Photography, videography and Cinematography company operating in the BRISTOL, BATH and surrounding areas; dedicated to providing you with a professional and personal service. Looking to hire or commission a professional photographer (or Videographer and Cinematographer) with our specialised skill sets (see below). Explore our professional photography portfolios and showcases below for samples of our work; then either phone or email me for further information, enquiries and terms of conditions; or to make a booking.

My Flickr photos

A fine selection of photo albums showcasing my particular HDR photography style for a wide range of lighting conditions and subjects. Albums include samples of product photography, pet photography, Public Events, Macros (insects and flowers), High Speed, Low Light and Long Exposure photography, Landscapes and Panoramas.

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The Bristol Pound1. We are proud to support your local economy by accepting Bristol Pounds, and to show our commitment to the project give 5% discount for all sales paid for in Bristol Pounds.

2. In further support of the local community we also give 10% discount for all NHS staff (on production of their ID card).

NB: If you are eligible for more than one discount we give whichever discount is the highest.


To contact us for further information, enquiries or to make a booking, please email 'nathan@Proper-Job-Productions.co.uk' or telephone me on 0117-9658682 (we use an answering machine so as not to miss any calls).


Kodak Pocket CameraPJP Photography Showcase of professional photography by 'Proper Job Productions' (PJP) including sample photographs of Gigs, Special Events, Product Photography, Pet Photography, HDR Landscape photography and Portfolio Photoshoots.

Testimonials (Facebook screendump from satisfied customers)


Our specialised areas of expertise include:-

  • Product Photography (old film stock emulation available for retro products) - is a Local Service we provide in the Bristol and Bath Area. We have all the camera and lighting equipment in our studio to showcase your product; much of which we can bring on site with us where it’s more appropriate to do the photography on your own premises. ┬áSample Images of our Product Photography work (where we've photographed an extensive range of old cameras) can be seen in our Camera Showcase (Photo Album of Vintage and Antique Cameras through the Ages).

  • Pet Photography - is one of our specialities; we provide a personal service in the Bristol and Bath area at reasonable rates. We spend the time to work with you and your pets to bring out the best in them in Action and Portrait photoshoots; tailoring the package to suit your requirements. For further information and examples of our work with animals visit our Photography Showcase page.

  • Weddings and other Special Occasions e.g. birthday parties and anniversaries etc.

  • Portfolio Photoshoots - Portrait photography for the professional person.

  • Event Photography - Weddings, Parties, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Special Occasions.

  • Music Videos and Short Film Productions, including local Gigs, Bands and Groups.

  • Landscape HDR imaging photography - Places, people, landmarks, buildings and scenery photographed on location.