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Photo Album Showcase

Proper Job Productions Portfolio Showcase; below are links to our sample Photo Albums covering a range of our professional photography which includes pet photography, product photography, weddings, portfolio photoshoots, portraits, landscapes, places and event photography.  If you like what you see and wish to know more, or hire our services, then please email or phone me on 0117-9658682.  We operate mainly in Bristol and Bath and surrounding areas; please see our photography services page for further information.


Pet Photography

Dippy at ChristmasPet Photography is one of my specialities, working with animals and taking the time to get the right portrait photos is an acquired skill which requires patients and enthusiasm both of which as these sample photo albums demonstrate I have lots of.

Pet Photography photo album


Product Photography

Magic LanternProduct Photography is another speciality of mine; I have all the equipment and studio for the correct lighting, to achieve the most suitable exposure and background for the product item being photographed, as demonstrated in my Product Photography and Camera Showcase albums.  I also have all the camera and lighting equipment to work onsite where required.

Product Photography photo album

Wedding Photography

WeddingWe offer a personalised wedding photography package tailored to your personal requirements.  We also do short promo wedding videos as an alternative service, this package gives you a short video of about 30 minutes normally including the Bride Arriving at church, the Bride and Groom leaving church, the Reception, cutting of the wedding cake and the 'first' dance.  Please contact me if you wish to arrange a booking or want further information on either of these services. 

Wedding photo album

Portfolio Photoshoots

ActressBudding Actresses, Actors and Models starting in their chosen vocation need a good photo album portfolio to showcase their own talents and this is another area I specialise in.  By taking the time to build up a comprehensive photo portfolio for them I’ve assisted in helping a number of young people in getting started in their chosen career.

Photoshoot Portolio photo albums
Event Photography

Pride Week, BristolWe offer to cover local events as part of our Event Photography service, the showcase albums here are predominantly Bristol events including Pride Week, where I was invited back as one of their official photographers for the second year running, but also includes some jousting photos from a medieval event at Berkeley Castle. 

[ Bristol Events ][ Medieval Events ]

Music (Local Gigs, Bands and Groups)

Music GigWe have a lot of experience in videography of local bands and groups, videoing their gigs for YouTube.  This service also includes comprehensive behind the scene and live action photography at the venue.  Some of our more recent videography work can be viewed on our YouTube Channel and our video project page.  The photo album link below showcases some of the many bands and gigs we’ve photographed in the Bristol and Bath area and includes groups such as Atlantic View, Endemol, Esteban, Eyes of Mars, Illustrated Men, Red8 and Mean Poppa Lean.

Gigs, Bands and Groups

Landscape Photography

Bristol at NightHDR imaging photography is a stylised area of photography which I specialise in and for which I have all the appropriate equipment.  Ideally suited for landscape and nightscape photography and (as demonstrated in these showcase albums) is an excellent way to bring out the subject, person or group from the surrounding setting or backdrop. If you are interested in this service then please contact me at the contact details below for further information or to make a booking.

Landscape photo albums

Contact Details

For further information and enquiries, or to make a booking, please email me at 'Nathan @' or telephone me 0117-9658682.


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